LDMblue 2000-60 makes deeper and quicker non-ferrous metal weldings possible

Within a year, Laserline has been able to double the power of blue CW high-power diode lasers with 450 nm wavelength. With the LDMblue 2000-60, a new high-power diode laser is available in the compact 19” rack, offering 2 kW output power at 60 mm mrad beam quality. As a result, when welding non-ferrous metals, especially when joining copper components for the electronics industry, higher process speeds and deeper weldings become possible.

Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany, 28.04.2020 – Laserline, the international leading developer and manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial material processing, consistently thrives on the development of its blue CW high-power diode lasers with 450 nm wavelength. After the worldwide first blue CW diode laser with up to 1 kW output power was presented less than a year ago, now already twice the power could be attained. The Laserline LDMblue 2000-60 offers 2 kW output power at 60 mm mrad beam quality and thus opens up a whole new range of possibilities for the joining of non-ferrous metals, especially copper. Due to the increased power, higher feed rates have become possible for example, which reduces critical energy inputs into the component and thus brings decisive advantages, especially at the production of battery cells irrespective of whether they be pouch cells or cells with cylindrical or prism shape.

Significant process optimizations can also be achieved at deep weldings of bigger conductor cross-sections. Hitherto, such deep weldings were only possible using hybrid systems that combined blue and infrared diode lasers. Without infrared support from the 1 kW blue laser beam, only welding penetration depths of 0.6 to 0.7 are viable. Because of the power increase to 2 kW, deep weldings can now, to some extent, be made solely with blue diode lasers. In welding processes that continue to require hybrid systems, additionally clear efficiency advantages can be gained with the LDMblue 2000-60. Because of the power increase of 1 kW, the infrared energy needed in the hybrid process can be reduced by about 2 to 3 kW, which leads to a sustainable reduction of the operation costs.

Thanks to the compact LDM design for the 19‘‘ rack, even the new LDMblue 2000-60 lasers can easily be integrated in a space-saving manner into all common production plants. Currently, the new laser systems are only available in the Laserline application laboratories for tests. Additionally, pilot devices are delivered to selected customers. You can find detailed information about the Laserline LDMblue series online at

Information: Blue high-power diode lasers of the Laserline LDMblue series

In electronics production, blue diode lasers are today considered a key technology, because they exploit many innovative options for the processing of conductor materials in the non-ferrous metal sector. There is but one reason for this: light in the blue wavelength spectrum of non-ferrous metals is absorbed up to twenty times stronger than infrared radiation. It means therefore that less energy is clearly needed for fusing component surfaces than with a conventional infrared laser. Thus, for the first time, the blue diode lasers have allowed for a controlled heat conduction welding of highly conducting non-ferrous metals such as copper and gold. Even the thinnest copper components can be joined in this way without artificial material reinforcement. Because of the process’ advantages that are typical for Laserline’s diode lasers such as the finely tuned performance regulation within milliseconds and extraordinarily smooth molten pools, additionally smooth seam areas are created with excellent electrical conductivity. This makes the laser systems of the LDMblue series so appealing for design-oriented applications. The lasers of this series have also been tested successfully in coating processes based on non-ferrous metals. Due to the higher power in the LDMblue 2000-60, the number of possible application fields has again been clearly extended. Prospectively, output powers of up to 5 kW are viable. You can find detailed information about the Laserline LDMblue series online at

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