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Laserline at EuroBrake 2024: Focus on cladding with 30 kW diode laser and double-sided coating of brake discs

At this year's EuroBrake, Laserline will be presenting highly efficient laser solutions for the environmentally friendly and economical series cladding of brake discs. In addition to cladding using 30 kW diode lasers, the focus will be on double-sided cladding and further improvements in process efficiency. The diode laser specialist will also be presenting new cladding nozzles for optimizing coating processes.

Management change at LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH

Dr. Michael Müller (38) is the new General Manager of LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH from 1st January 2023. Michael Müller who holds a PhD in mechanical engineering, succeeds Silvia Duus, who will retire after 15 years leading the company. He aims to continue the growth strategy of the established fiber optic cabling specialist and, above all, take advantage of the business opportunities in the field of broadband development.

Laserline to exhibit at EuroBLECH 2022: New solutions for aluminum and copper welding

At EuroBLECH 2022 Laserline will exhibit a broad spectrum of diode-laser-based solutions for industrial volume manufacturing. Key topics at the event will be on hot wire aluminum welding, welding of copper with 3 kW cw blue diode lasers, as well as corrosion and wear-resistant coatings, for example as brake disc claddings to reduce urban particulate emissions.

Laserline optimizes its portfolio in the blue diode laser segment

Laserline has optimized its portfolio in the high-power blue diode laser segment. In doing so, the company is making important advances in focusing properties. This is because with output powers of up to 800 watts blue lasers will be available with 20 mm-mrad beam quality, while lasers with output powers of up to 1,500 watts will be available with 30 mm-mrad beam quality. These improvements simplify the joining of thin copper contacts as well as welding with scanner optics.

Laserline raises the power of blue CW diode lasers to 2 kW

Within a year, Laserline has been able to double the power of blue CW high-power diode lasers with 450 nm wavelength. With the LDMblue 2000-60, a new high-power diode laser is available in the compact 19” rack, offering 2 kW output power at 60 mm mrad beam quality. As a result, when welding non-ferrous metals, especially when joining copper components for the electronics industry, higher process speeds and deeper weldings become possible.

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