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Laserline at EuroBrake 2024: Focus on cladding with 30 kW diode laser and double-sided...

At this year's EuroBrake, Laserline will be presenting highly efficient laser solutions for the environmentally friendly and economical series cladding of brake discs. In addition to cladding using 30 kW diode lasers, the focus will be on double-sided cladding and further improvements in process efficiency. The diode laser specialist will also be presenting new cladding nozzles for optimizing coating processes.

Energy-efficient laser applications for the e-mobility and battery industry: Laserline at the Battery Show...

Highly efficient laser solutions for industrial material processing in the battery and e-mobility sector - this is the focus of Laserline's presence at the Battery Show Europe 2024. The main topics include new high-efficiency diode lasers for economical and environmentally friendly battery drying and blue diode lasers for the effective processing of copper components for electric drive technology and power electronics.

IDEEL project: Industry-relevant scaling of laser drying processes for lithium-ion batteries is within reach

As part of the IDEEL research project (Implementation of Laser Drying Processes for Economical & Ecological Lithium-Ion Battery Production), project partners from industry and research are developing a laser drying process for the more climate-friendly and economical serial production of lithium-ion batteries. Now, for the first time, the process has been successfully scaled up to a coating and drying speed of 5 m/min in a continuous process, proving that industrial implementation is technically possible and economically viable.

Sustainable laser solutions for key industrial applications: Diode laser specialist Laserline at Photonics West...

At SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, CA, High Power Diode Laser specialist Laserline, Inc. will be showcasing laser solutions for key industrial applications such as the production of electric copper components, semiconductor processing and the drying of lithium-ion batteries. The technology leader in the field of infrared and blue diode lasers has unique systems such as a blue CW laser with 4 kW output power and a blue 200 W pulse laser in its portfolio.

formnext 2023: Laserline shows sustainable solutions for Cladding and Additive Manufacturing

Diode laser specialist Laserline will be presenting sustainable solutions for the coating of wind turbine bearing bolts and brake discs as well as the additive manufacturing of copper components at formnext 2023. Improvements in energy and material efficiency are just as much in focus as environmental and climate protection as well as resource conservation through reduced process footprint. Interested parties will find Laserline in Hall 12.0, Booth E19.

Battery cell production: Laser drying significantly reduces operating costs and required production space

Up until now, battery electrodes have been dried primarily in gas-operated conveyor furnaces. However, a recently developed approach based on diode lasers is noticeably superior to the convective drying process and for the first time makes it possible to produce laser-dried anodes and cathodes in a roll-to-roll process. A white paper by Laserline and staff from the PEM (Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components) group at RWTH Aachen University highlights the advantages of this diode laser-based electrode drying process and outlines the path to more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly battery production.

Battery Show 2023: Laserline to exhibit energy-efficient applications for e-mobility

At the Battery Show 2023 Laserline will present energy-efficient solutions for industrial material processing in the field of electromobility. Key topics include copper welding with blue 3 kW cw diode lasers, brake disc cladding to reduce urban particulate pollution, laser drying processes for economical series manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, and welding applications for sealing battery casings.

Meeting all specifications for brake dust reduction within Euro 7 with diode-laser-based brake disc...

In order to counteract the health hazards posed by particulate matter, the EU has for the first time also included dust from braking systems within the new vehicle emission standard, Euro 7. Diode-laser-clad hard coatings enable reliable compliance with all specifications, reducing brake dust with a maximum particle size of PM10 by up to 90 percent. The series-ready cladding process developed by Laserline enables cost-sensitive mass production for all market segments.

IDEEL Project: Manufacture of laser-dried anodes and LFP cathodes achieved first time in a...

The IDEEL research project aims to introduce a laser drying process as a more climate-friendly and economical method for the volume production of lithium-ion batteries. Within this context, it has now been possible to produce laser-dried anodes and LFP cathodes in a roll-to-roll process for the first time. The innovative manufacturing process significantly reduces energy consumption in electrode production and at the same time enables the drying speed to be doubled.

formnext 2022: Laserline shows diode-laser-based solutions for cladding and additive manufacturing

Highlights of Laserline’s presence at formnext 2022 include cross-material cladding and additive manufacturing processes through application of blue lasers, and infrared-laser-based hard coatings for wear reduction in brake discs. Those interested can find us at Hall 12, Booth B19.



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